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About Us

Hearts~N~Hooves Dairy Goats has aquired goats from up and down the eastern shore, and some bloodlines are from across the country.

Our Goal

Our goal as breeders is to produce animals that exceed standards in both the show ring and the milk pail. This is done by acqiring goats from around the country, and crossing bloodlines that have good qualities, to procue an animal with qualities of both sire and dam. We have acquired goats from lines such as the  Blue Moon Acres in MD, Sanctuary Farm in MD, Pemberley Acres in VA , and many of these lines lead back to the green gate line, piddlin acres. And Nubians from Beverly Hills in TN. And LaMancha's From Daltons Way in NJ.

Our Goats

Our Nigerian Dwarf goats are the classical nigerian dwarf, small, dairy and angular. Our Nubian goats are very large, proud, and very dairy. We strive for a healthy and friendly herd. Our herd is CAE and CL NEGATIVE.
Maryland has been declared TB and Brucellosis Negative.

I am the owner of a yahoo group titled DELMARVA Dairy Goats.. It will have upcoming shows and events... so you are welcome to join...
Hearts~N~Hooves Dairy Goats

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Click to join delmarvadairygoats

ALL KIDS WILL BE RAISED ON STRICT CAE PREVENTION. Our herd is CAE negative and we want to keep it that way. They are immediately removed from their mother at birth and raised on pasteurized milk. Not to mention bottle feeding ensures a friendly, stable temperament.
We are proud to be one of the few breeders in this area that bottle feed.

Our Barn

Our barn is currently under renovation.
!!New Picture Coming Soon!!


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The Bare Family

31203 East Line Road
Delmar, MD