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Kidding Schedule


Thank you for your interest in a Hearts~N~Hooves Nigerian Dwarf. We require a *NON-REFUNDABLE* monetary deposit of $50 to hold the kid of your choice, or $100 for the adult of your choice. If we are unable to fill your order you may either recieve a refund, or have it carry over to another breeding of your choice. If you would like to place a reservation and you may either send it to me in an email to barehnh@aol.com or fil out the form at the bottom of the page. 
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The following chart is for planning purposes only, and is subject to change.
!!!Special Pricing to Show Homes!!!

(based on 145 day)
Doe Kid Price
Buck Kid Price

Tiny Town PT Cloud Nine

Sanctuary Farm Peaches





Kidded 4/23/13 Single Buck Available!!

Clouds Dam is milking over 6 pounds a day, and Peaches has given about a half a gallon a day in previous years, should be some awesome milkers

Lovett Farms Snickers

Springs Run HS Paquita *D




1st doe retained

Blue Eyes Possible

Tiny Town Cloud Nine

Hearts~N~Hooves BE Ultraviolet


Freshened 2-21-13 with Single Buck, available.



1st doe retained

Blue Eyes Possible
Violet has her junior leg, and is looking like a very promising doe.

Tiny Town Cloud Nine

Hearts~N~Hooves Venus

Kidded 6-15-13 with 2 bucks and a doe
All are available



1st doe may be retained

Polled Possible
Blue Eyes Possible

Generally, bucks will not be sold out of first fresheners, unless we are confident they would be good herd sires. If we are not confident they would be good herd sires, they will be neutered and sold as pet wethers. Wethers are generally $100 to $150. Thank you for your understanding.

So far, the reservation list is:
3 does
5 wethers.
Our wethers sell very quickly, if you are interested, please let me know A.S.A.P!!

Reservation Form:

Your Name:
Your Address:
Zip Code
Phone Number:
Your E-mail
Doe Kid:
Buck Kid


Kid prices are subject to change and kid pricing will depend on the dams udder. Discounts will be given to youth, FFA/4H, and if you will show them, and to multiple purchases. Thank you for your understanding.
Hearts~N~Hooves Dairy Goats

+/- (more or less depending on how the kids look)

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