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Why buy from us?

  • We are one of the few breeders in this area that bottle feeds. Its more work, but it shows. You can always point out a dam raised goat at a show, because they are the ones acting up, rearing up, kicking at the judge while being examined, etc.
  • We take preventative measures for coccidiosis, which when buying a kid, be sure it has been treated for cocciciosis. Which WILL stunt growth, cause unthrifty animals, and in extreme cases, death.
  • All registered kids sold by us, will be: Tattooed, vaccinated, have hooves trimmed, treated for coccidiosis, wormed, and started on high quality hay and grain. 

There are a growing number of so called "breeders" in this area.
I feel like I should first state, that Nigerian's are bred for milk production primarily. I have been recieving a lot of emergency calls, with dillemas such as: doe that had not been vaccinated, the animal had never been wormed, nor had they been informed to keep it wormed.
If you buy from another breeder, I have absolutley no problem helping in any way I can with general care, breeding, and milking of your new goats. I am currently a veterinary technician student, with my long term goal being a large animal vet. I would rather have everyone be informed on how to properly care for your goats.

If you are buying an animal for show, you should ask the following questions:
  • What does the dam's udder look like? And the sire's dam?
  • How much does the dam milk?
  • Does she have a good temperament on the stand? (this is extremely important)
  • Do you have any appraisal scores on any of the lineage?
  • Has either of the parents ever been shown?
  • If so, how did they place?

If they did not/could not answer, all of these questions, then you should question, why its being sold as a show animal.

I feel like I must say, it does't matter if the kids great grand-dam was a MCH Doe, or had a milk star, once you go back more than 2 generations, its like picking out a 4-leaf clover. Ask to see the pedigree's. Its your right as a buyer to see what your paying for.

Also, if you have any intention of showing, I would HIGHLY reccommend buying a dual registered animal (registered with both American Goat Society, and American Dairy Goat Association). Responsible breeders will have no problem helping you dual register the kid.

Be sure to ask the following questions of the breeder when looking at any animal:

  • How often do you worm?
    • and what do you worm with?
  • What do you feed?
  • What steps do you take to prevent White Muscle Disease? (a mineral defficiency, extremely common in this area.

They should use more than one wormer, if they don't, ask why.

Goats should be fed nothing but high quality hay, that would be suitable for horses, hay suitable for cows is not acceptable.

When you buy a goat from someone, it should be tattooed, at least if it is being sold as a registered animal, if not they are not abiding by the rules set by the registries. The animal is supposed to be tattooed before the papers are sent in.

As always feel free to call or e-mail with any questions


The Bare Family

31203 East Line Road
Delmar, MD